Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thus a new conflict is joined

Bouncing around the blogs, I found a comment on Mord Fiddle's that "The NC is done for, it's only a matter of time."

I admit a certain amount of trepidation at thought, mostly because I'm in the DC, but also because of some crazy ramifications were this to happen. I won't go into the future consequences, because really it won't change anything by theory-crafting what will and won't happen as a result.

More immediate things need attention, things can potentially make a difference, as completely turn it around.

To my knowledge, the Deklein Coalition have largely kept ourselves out of the fight. We've had relatively little to do aside from POS bashing Triumvirate and IRC, possibly chasing their gangs around, and that's really it. It has actually been quite peaceful round these parts. It's been so peaceful, Anjali's gotten more combat in the last few days than I have, and even though she's died twice, and lost a number of ships in the process, I don't think it fair that a newly turned low-sec pirate is having more combat in her life than a dedicated 0.0 guy.

Today I got notice that Deklein is going to war. TEST, Goons, and TNT at the least are going to join forces with the Northern Coalition, who seems to have been losing soveriegnty left and right. RAGE has fail-scaded completely it seems, and is literally on the way out. Majesta Empire is on the rocks too, if I've heard right. As big as the NC is, the DC is nothing to be sneered at.

Chances are, this influx of fighters should even the field, if not turn it against the DRF and PL. Chances are also that DC will start nailing a lot of Sov structures with multiple sub-capital fleets, keeping the capitals, supercaps, and titans in reserve for hot dropping and quick elimination of various DRF sov structures.

Granted, DC won't want to do it, sov shooting is boring by and large. That said, DC is next on the list if NC goes down, and that's not going to work out too well for us. You better believe we're in this thing for the win

The fact that things have gone this slowly for the DRF against just the NC tells me that with us joining the fights, the DRF is going to be retreating from the space they've claimed, maybe losing some of their own in the process.

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