Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking on Targets

Life in 0.0 has been fairly boring for me lately. This is, in part, because of my recent attitude, but also because for some reason, people like to run around in cloaky bombers instead of, I dunno, gangs actually capable of combat.

My recent attitude however has been one of frustration and annoyance. There's just a bit of strain going on. Simple things like conversation are sometimes beyond me, although in the worst cases said conversation is more me being interrogated. It doesn't go over well, this person just needs to learn what a conversation entails. Perhaps it's my fault for not being as social as many other people though, I've always enjoyed having the majority of my time to myself.

I must admit though, being the only person awake in my corp in 0.0 5 days out of 7 is a bit boring. As much as I enjoy being alone, humans aren't solitary creatures, as SOME social interaction is necessary just for sanity.

For the last week, when I've had time, I've been cruising the intel channels, trying to find something to kill. Cloud Ring? Gang of bombers. Deklein? Cloaky Loki and bombers. Fountain, hella far away, but bombers and cloaky tech 3 ships. I suppose I could roll out to Tribute, and to be honest I'm strongly considering it even though I'll probably die. Oh, Fade and pure Blind? Bombers.

It's sufficiently frustrating, and combined with my emotional state, it doesn't go down well. I've logged out quite a few times, or just left the ship for hours on end, wondering if I even wanted to be there. It's not a case of wishing the world was something else, it's just a case of wishing things were a little more exciting, or at least active in non "i'm too scared to PvP, so I fly around in a cloaked bomber or tech 3 all day."

Anjali's not had great luck. I've been using the skill queue, so she's not had a chance to get any training done. True, she can fly a tech 2 fit Punisher, but with all the free Rifters and Thrashers I gave her, she's been wanting to train minmatar. And let's be honest, Afterburner and scrambler is a bit limited. Despite her bad luck in fighting (she's tech 1 fit fighting tech 2 fit, she doesn't stand a chance and she knows it), she's been having a good time in her new home at Old Man Star. She'll be moving her PI from Daran to somewhere out near Old Man Star. Really, I told her that 36 jumps was a bit much, but she's stubborn, and is only deciding to move the operation.

Once I've gotten tech 2 large autocannons trained up, she'll get to train away her heart. This log will start including her entries, as clearly mine alone aren't doing the trick.

I wish I had more to record, but, as I said, 0.0 has been really uninteresting lately.

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