Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 386

Computer: Record.

Entry three hundred eighty-six.

The previous day was a rather nice one.

After waking up and getting cleaned up, I boarded my ship and switched to "Logged in" mode, connecting me to the rest of capsuleer civilization. Intelligence came out only seconds after I logged in that a hostile Succubus was spotted only a jump away. Without further delay, I undocked my Wolf from VFK-IV's station and warped to I30.

Reports came in that the hostile was no longer in I30 as I warped. Since local reported no hostile neocom-link, I warped to the only other likely system, 209G-D.

I jumped into 209G to find the hostile Succubus already engaged with a Dramiel sixty-eight kilometers above the I30 gate. Redlining my MWD, I practically warped within range of the target. At twenty-four kilometers range, my overheated disruptor played across his warp core, preventing escape, and I settled into an MWD orbit at thirteen kilometers, pelting the target with Barrage ammunition.

It didn't take long before the target succumbed. I was especially proud of the final blow being mine. It'd been almost half a year since I landed a final blow, and that was against a friend in a friendly death-match.

Today, however, was not so pleasant.

Upon logging in, I scoured the intelligence channels, and began hunting targets in my Wolf. I traversed VFK, 2R-, YAO-, 2-K, CCP-, TXME, FMB...I caught glimpses of the targets with the directional scanner, but had no luck. Intelligence then came over comms about a twenty man frigate gang roaming our space. A defense fleet was formed, and we pursued.

We trapped them in D06, but they were safed up. Unable to find them, I retrieved a cheetah from VFK, only to learn the frigate gang had eluded us and moved into YAO-. Again, the fleet trapped them, but they safed up yet again. I attempted to probe them out, but they logged off to avoid detection.

Frustrating is about how I would describe that.

I left fleet, and switched the Wolf to "Logged out" mode after docking in VFK-. I didn't waste much time, and headed almost straight for my quarters. I snagged a soda on my way to my bunk, my customary 'wake up drink' and 'go back to sleep' drink. I opened the soda, placed it next to my bunk in easy reach, then lay down on the mattress.

A few hours later, after waking up and collecting my wits, I chugged down some of that previously opened soda and returned to the Wolf. Flipping the ship status to "Logged in", I formed a fleet with two corpmates, Ranger Gama and Dark Masiah. We'd decided to go to the front lines and get some action.

So we traveled to Tribute. As we arrived, all action ceased, and action at Deklein increased. Frustrated, I called for a suicide assault of RED space, and we made our journey down to 6YU.

Evidence of R.A.G.E.'s failscade was pretty clear cut: all of their systems were empty. An interesting fact struck us in RED space however: it was empty. Literally, no one was there. It wasn't as though we were at the fringes of RED space either, we were pretty deep into Geminate.

Frustated, we headed back to M-O. This was perhaps the only part of the journey truly interesting, as we found ourselves gatecrashing away from a Pandemic Legion gatecamp in M-O on the low-sec gate. Unable to return home, or even to Tribute through that system, I scouted Hakonnen, and discovered that it had become a major Pandemic Legion staging area. With local completely filled with reds, excepting myself, I returned to the previous system, docked, and clone jumped back to CU9-.

Two minutes later, Fountain was on fire, and it was at least forty jumps away. Luck was not on my side, and I called it a day.

Computer: Terminate Recording.

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