Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peace in New Eden is Rather Boring

Things have been extremely quiet in TNT space. So quiet in fact that I've not had a whole hell of a lot to do in 0.0 aside from random participation in smashing IRC and Solar. If I remember correctly, that was 4-5 days ago. 

I don't like to post every little thing I do, heck not even the majority of the things I do. I like to play more than write about playing, although I do enjoy both. I don't want the writing to become a pain though. So I build up a backlog of events that I can write about, think about, learn from, so on and so forth.

However, as pretty much nothing has happened in 0.0 for me lately, I'll recap that 6 hour operation on Saturday.


Alpha fleet was forming in VFK to go smash IRC. Normally, in Fatal Ascension, I would have expected the fleet to slowly get together over the course of an hour. Things with TNT and Goons are different however, and within 10 minute of the call for formup, the fleet had 190 people. We gained another 20 over the next 30 minutes while we waited to ambush Solar in some other system. I had brought a Scimitar.

So we waited in DKUK for 30 minutes while DBRB listened to his intel, trying to decide what to do.

At last, we were told to warp to a titan and bridge. On landing, we warped to a gate, and jumped. Solar was there with an Abaddon/Guardian/Loki fleet. They were comparable in size, even though I lack specific numbers, but I was certain that the fleet sizes were close enough to make it a real fight. And a real fight it was.

When we jumped in, we immediately aligned Planet 1, DBRB broadcasting and calling targets as fast as he could. Things were pretty even between us and them for a few minutes, each fleet losing roughly the same number of ships, us jamming their logis, them jamming our logis. Our alignment to Planet 1 was met with a slight misfortune however, as the Hellcat fleet managed to get on top of us and stay there for a few minutes. With the Abaddons on us in their optimals, they were alpha-striking our Maelstroms much faster than our 19 logistics could repair them. I felt the tide of the battle turning slowly as each minute passed. Unable to repair the Maelstroms fast enough, our fleet began to dwindle.

And then we broke range. The majority of our Alpha Fleet got far enough away that we Scimitars were able to do our job quite effectively. With 19 Scimitars, we only lost a smattering of Maelstroms from that point forward. Over the next several minutes, we cleaned up what was left of that fleet. Some of it escaped, most of it did not. Naturally, Lokis and other expensive targets were primary targets.

Just as we were wrapping up, Solar and IRC warped in with a reinforcement fleet. Their reinforcement fleet however numbered roughly half of what we still had on the field (190 vs 120). Suffice it say that we took the field yet again, leaving more wrecks to be looted.

The field taken, instead of looting the field, we warped to an enemy tower that was onlining and destroyed it with the help of a small supercap fleet that jumped in. Goons put up their own tower there to take that technetium moon. We looted the field while the Goon tower onlined. I came away with at least 50 million in looted modules.

Eventually, the tower onlined, and the fleet headed for IRC space. I was unfortunately unable to make it, and headed back to TNT space. When I came back, I attempted to meet the fleet out in A1RR, and I managed to get to 4 jumps out when the fighting started and 2 jumps out when the fighting ended. Alpha fleet again smashed an IRC Solar fleet, and looted the field.

DBRB and the fleet took an hour break. I docked up in A1RR. It was here I learned about the Foreign Legion and I attempted to sign up, only to find out it was EU TZ only, and being US TZ, it wouldn't work out so well.

At some point I'll fly that Scimitar back to XCF, but for now it's just gonna sit in A1RR.

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