Monday, June 4, 2012

Shark vs Shark

Entry: eight hundred eighty.

Intel came across for the area: there was a neutral in 46DP- in a Hurricane. It appeared he was alone, and it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I grabbed my Hurricane, uncertain if I would make it in time before he left. I was already in 0-G, so it was a short three jumps away.

I tend to think of Hurricanes as sharks: Vicious and brutal powerhouses of destruction. At the scent of blood they come running. When facing a prey of equal or lesser size, it does its best to get right on top of it and rip it to shreds. My fit reflects this well I think:

6 425 mm autocannon II
1 medium smartbomb, (for clearing enemy drones)
1 medium energy neutralizer II
2 Large Shield Extender II
1 Experimental Microwarpdrive I
1 Warp Scrambler II
1 Damage Control II
2 Nanofiber Internal Structure II
3 Gyrostabilizer II
2 Medium Anti-Em Screen Reinforcer I
1 Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
5 EC-300 Hornet I

Tell me that that doesn't resemble a shark.

When I got to 77S8- I heard he was aggressed in ZO-P5K. I was still two jumps out, and was burning like a madman. Thankfully, when I got to the system and warped to the outgate, he was still there in one piece. The aggression, as it turned out, was due to an anchored bubbled on the outgate into Red Overlord space.

We locked each other up immediately, overheating everything. He put a point on me, and in short order I put a scram on him. At first he didn't seem to realize the situation he was in, but as he started to take more damage than me, he started trying to bug out. I saw his drones on me and lit my smartbomb, trying to take out his flight of Warrior II's. Because I was right on top of him, my smartbomb was also doing a little bit of extra damage to him.

He entered structure as I was hitting low armor. I could taste the panic from him, my frenzied bloodlust was increasing, but he was pulling range due to my bad piloting. As he hit low structure, my scram dropped, I capped out, and two of my six guns burnt out. Thankfully, I was still in high structure, and he was itching to get away.

He warped out. I was frustrated with the kill having slipped away. I was in medium structure when he warped out. My hull was on fire, my prey had escaped.

Still, it was a fantastic fight between two sharks.

Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. Nice fight, too bad no kill though. I hate when the guns (or any mod) burn out on such a close fight.