Monday, June 11, 2012

It's the little things...

Entry: eight hundred eighty-seven.
I'm really loving this small gang PvP stuff.
Jason and I took out a Jag (long point and scram), paired with my new favorite Brutix: The Power. We roamed north to SAD-AD, then started heading for R6-, the entry system for Ethereal Dawn's ratting operations.
For maybe five minutes, nothing was happening in R-6, Jason was trying to find a fight in there while I was pounced above the R6- gate in 2G-. After five minutes of him failing to get anything, a neutral jumped into 2G- from the 9F- gate. I ordered Jason to get to gate while I warped down. Shortly after, a PNG-A Drake landed, full red on my overview, and jumped through as I tried to lock him.
He jumped right into Jason. Jason grabbed point while I jumped in and burned for him, eventually landing a scram. My full rack of Neutrons with Void ripped into the Drake as Jason warped out and back to recover his shields. By the time he got back, however, the Drake was down.
Let's hear it for The Power! YEAH!!!
The Drake did put me down to seventy percent armor though, so we headed back to SAH- to repair before we got camped in. A short break later, we came back to find a few neutrals passing through. Before docking in SAH-, we had chased them a system past SAH- into EX-. Since they were back, I guessed that they were going to G-Q.
As it turned out, I was right. Jason landed on gate with a Damnation and held. As I was landing on the G-Q gate he pointed the Damnation, forcing him through with me to the other side of the gate. Once he decloaked, I got a scram on it and two Hounds decloaked, one of which threw a bomb at me. Jason managed to snag one of the Hounds while I worked on the Damnation, literally sitting on it at zero and whaling on it. The pilot, to my great surprise, ejected! I couldn't turn my guns off fast enough, and two overheated volleys took the command ship from half armor to wreckage. Jason finished off the bomber shortly after that.
We took another break. It was turning out to be a great night for us.
After we came back, we headed up to R-6 again, just to see if we would get lucky again. We didn't, and after ten minutes of hanging around, we headed north to F9-, where again we hung around for ten minutes hoping for something. Again, we were unlucky, so we set destination to D-IZT9. On our way there, we encountered a gatecamp on the 9F- gate in 2-G, forcing us to gatecrash and return to SAH- for repairs and refuge.
We took another break, and came back to a PNG Pilgrim. Jason tackled it as I landed on the outgate back to Detorid, so I warped back and engaged, ambivalent about my chances of killing it before getting neuted out. It was a bit of a standoff: I was neuted out, but had the Pilgrim into armor in what appeared to be a shield fit, and Jason was at the mercy of drones if he stayed. We deaggressed on station and docked up. It's unfortunate, but a single Pilgrim is a perfect counter for our two-pilot gang.
With three wins and two losses, three kills and zero deaths, we decided to head back home before things devolved. It was already op success, why ruin the roam? All in all, it was quite the good roam.
Computer: terminate recording.


  1. Nice read, sounds like you had a lot of fun. Gratz on the kills.

  2. blasters on a jag and not a/c? can you post the fit?

    1. Nope, the Jag has autocannons. You can see it on the Hound killmail I think, not the others for some reason. My Brutix was what had the blasters.