Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's not all wins

Entry: eight hundred eighty-nine
I certainly did not win at all today.
What started out as a two man idea to roam became a seven man corp roam consisting of two assault frigs and five battlecruisers. 
We started our roam at 2G-, and after ganking a hurricane made our way over to PNG space. Unfortunately, we hit a snag, that being a scout Brutix for a thirty man Drake fleet.
People are getting crafty these days, I tell ya.
Where I messed up was trying to burn past the PNG fleet even though they were waiting on our outgate on a pipe. I seriously underestimated PNG's capabilities, and in short order they chased us down through their space and killed the majority of us. Surprisingly, they knew I was FC. I say this is a surprise because I was FCing a fleet that contained an alliance FC in it. I won't say there were spies, but I guess Hak knows me better recently for leading fleets than Jason.
So, long and short of the experience: I whelped the fleet trying to burn past a fleet four times bigger than my own. I would never have encountered this experience had I been in frigates or destroyers though, so the experience, while grueling, is still a positive one in a twisted light.
Computer: terminate recording.

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