Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recovering from CBD

It's been a long time since there was relative peace like this anywhere in my home regions of Cloud Ring or Fountain. Since arriving, it's been almost non-stop combat, day in day out. It's times like these that give me a chance to get away from it all, make some ISK, and ... well actually, just make some ISK. The timing couldn't be better, as the white coats have diagnosed me with CBD: Combat Burnout Disorder.

Entry from EVE: A History of Medical Disorders
---CBD, also known as Combat Burnout Disorder, manifests when a pilot has been spending too much time blowing other people up and not enough time making ISK. Symptoms typically include a small wallet, lack of sex, not enough bullets, damaged ships, too much testosterone, and burns on the edges of terminals on the capsuleer. Recommended treatment is an abundance of sex, hours of ratting, some PI (but not too much), buying more bullets, and childrens' cartoons (this one is for laughter, which aids in the healing process). 

Given the above which was presented to me by the doctors, I've taken up some of this action already, namely the ratting, some PI, bullet purchases, and childrens' cartoons. I have a rendezvous with Anjali much later tonight for some romance and wild crazy monkey sex. It's been a while since we last met, and given she is often the only other person in Daran, there is no doubt she could use the therapy as much as myself.

PI is going relatively well for me. I'm cranking out 90 units an hour most days, but not all days. My planets sometimes produce a lot of Toxic Metals, sometimes not so much, and that is unfortunately the limiting factor. With Command Centers 5, I could without a doubt crank out 150 units a day tops, but to do so, I'd need a Plasma Planet nearby from which to extract more raw materials. This all said however, 90 units a day is 12 million a day for how much I sell it for, and it requires very little time.

Ratting in Fountain is sometimes great, sometimes not. I try to chain the belts, but it's difficult when the other ratters aren't. If all the belts are chained, I can make 12 million ISK a tick (20 minutes) from smashing the belts. If they aren't chained, it can vary greatly, from 0 to 7 million, which largely depends on how many ratters are in the same area. That said, I made quite a large chunk of ISK yesterday, and if I didn't already have a spare Scimitar, I'd be buying one right now.

Childrens' cartoons from old Earth, specifically the Yugi-oh brand, are awesome. It's not that the action is awesome, or the storyline deep and complex, but more extremely comical in how intense and dramatic and broken everything is in this card game the kids play. If I'm not laughing at it, I'm at least usually enjoying myself.

As for new ships and damaged ones, the damaged ones have been repaired, and I've got a new ship I'm training for, with an intermediary in between. I am training for the Tengu, with the Drake as a middle step. Before I buy and fit a Tengu, I want to train my missile skills quite high. Once that is done, I will fly the Drake in places like Sanctums and Havens, to increase ISK gain over current while skilling up some more. Eventually, Caldari Cruiser V will finish, and I'll simply need to crank out the subsystem skills, buy the hull, fit it out, and go make 15-30 million a tick in Sanctums and Havens. My path to training Tengu will also give me access to the Basilisk, another Logistics ship, one best used in large fleet engagements (while my Scimitars work better pound for pound in small gang combat).

So what's the total time to completion? Perhaps a month and a half. I'm not entirely sure on the figures, but I've every reason to believe that the Loki is not as good as the Tengu for ratting, and to be honest, I'd like to not have to run the Serpentis down with MWDs and Autocannons before killing them. Guristas are only a short step behind that, as I'll be fitting the Tengu to be super-jam resistant while still maintaining good damage and excellent shield tank. In addition, training Tengu will give me options for Hurricane combat capabilities and additional passive tank abilities I would not otherwise achieve.

Ah, Anjali's on the comms, I'd better get going ;)

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