Thursday, March 3, 2011

Learning Achieved!

Anjali made her way into low-sec today and set up shop!

On her first trip in, she carelessly jumped into Ami with a fully (as much as possible) tech 2 fit Punisher. As we all know, it got ANNIHILATED rather quickly, leaving her down some number of millions of ISK. This time, she decided to check it out in her pod.

Why the pod?

Several reasons: 
1) The pod is VERY fast to warp, very hard to lock onto except in the case of interceptors.
2) Previous experience showed no interceptors were used, but rather a Sensor Boosted Phobos
3) She has no implants, so clone replacement is stupidly cheaper than ship replacement.

This reasoned out, let's rejoin Anjali on her move into low-sec.

Having jumped into Ami, she noticed a Sensor Boosted Phobos jump in behind her. Not worried about it, she warped to Daran, where the local population was rather low to say the least. To her, it appeared as though Ami was the only real active system, and mostly for gatecamping. Seeing this, Anjali turned right around, grabbed her Sigil with the two Temperate Command Centers, and went back to Daran. The Phobos made no attempt to target Anjali as she left Ami, but she locked him and prepped her ECM Multispecs just in case.

There was no resistance, and she slid into Daran. Without delay, she planted her 3 Command Centers (1 of which she had to pick up from a station) and redocked to set up the planets for PI. Overall, her idea is to make money with PI to supplement her pirating activities.

I myself am somewhat proud. With only a little bit of startup capital, all of which was made in the space of 4 hours of ratting on my part, she was able to get set up and going with only the 1 loss. That said, she's agreed to supplement my income for when she isn't replacing ships, as repayment for making her a capsuleer and for helping her get new life going. She has requested however that I hire on an additional employee to help facilitate her ship replacements as she plans on going outlaw as soon as possible. This new employee will also be able to cart her low-sec PI goods into the nearby trade hub of Amarr for easy selling.

What do I get out of it? Nothing major, except the ability for someone to move my stuff around high-sec when I can't be, and even more time sucked out of my training bandwidth. I feel however, that this might be a good thing, as I can fly quite a few Minmatar ships already, and flying the other racial ships would mostly be a matter of learning the other weapons systems and basic hull properties.

That said, I wasn't and still am not sure who I'll hire...I'm gonna have to interview quite a few planet dwellers before I find someone suitable to the task, preferably someone uninterested in becoming a combat pilot.

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