Monday, November 5, 2012

We're In, but SMA is OUT

Entry: nine hundred thirty-six.
Approximately 24 hours ago UDEAD was given the go ahead to join NCdot. I found out just after the NCdot alliance meeting, although I had a pretty strong feeling we were in by the time Vince mentioned UDEAD in the meeting, and how we made some of the regular NCdot corps look a little bad.
But, the news comes on the heels of an evac order. G5ED-Y is under siege now, with Goons and pets knocking on the front door. The meeting was held the very day after the CFC hit every tower in G5ED, the jumpbridge, and the station and services. As far as I understand, we will put up a fight, but we are guaranteed to not win it, the biggest factors in that being being massively outnumbered and many of the pilots having lost the will to fight for the sov.
Anyone who doesn't want to go through the whole recording of the meeting, here are some important cliff notes. Asterisked additions are my own, but less biased and/or misleading than what can be seen at .

  • NC. will be removing themselves from Vale of the Silent. Members are encouraged to begin evacuating their assets (*non-essential, non-PvP, non-capital, non-roaming ships/assets only).
  • NC. will eventually be involved in the war in the South, assisting the Nulli Secunda campaign against SOCO remnants (*and Solar) (*around December at the earliest).
  • Summary of the situation with Evoke, and their departure from the war in the North (*losing members, losing activity, shift in activity from what worked to what didn't, causing Evoke/Ewoks to leave for a probable reboot).
  • Leadership encourages (*congratulates) the members' efforts in the Tribute war. However, in stark contrast to every other alliance in the game, NC. did want that space (*not to because they want to hold sov, but because it's an ISK faucet in terms of rent and moon extraction).
  • *UDEAD did REALLY well. Vince found himself yelling at UDEAD far less than alliance members and complimented UDEAD on always flying the right ships. Also mentioned how UDEAD brought large portions of fleets in general, making some of the other alliance corps look a little embarrassing.
  • *Ambivalent and small mention about SoCo. It's not clear to me if SoCo will or has gotten in. All I can say for sure is that the performance was either on par or subpar to what Vince expected, else they would have received the same mention as UDEAD.
  • Threats that under-performing corporations will be ejected from the alliance (*less a threat and more a statement of fact. What's defined as under performing is left up to Leadership though, as I didn't hear a clear statement of what constitutes performing).
  • Discussion considering the use of a feeder alliance to breed loyalty and increase numbers in fleet (*not really important, and not likely to happen given the general NCdot mentality at this point).
  • In the immediate future NC. will be doing mostly solo work and will be focusing on their allies in subsequent weeks (*approximately one month, possibly two if membership truly desires it).
  • When asked whether Geminate will be defended or not, the response is rather ambiguous with no definite answer being given (*on the premise at how unlikely it is that Goons will want to grind that far. It clearly hasn't been really considered yet, but hasn't had to be yet either. ).
  • NC. will be using Navy Apocalypse fleets in part to make up for their lack of numbers (*I would be surprised to see this more fielded more than a handful of times. In my experience, members rarely field a Navy Apoc more than once, never more than twice).
In addition to this, I heard an interesting bit of news the other day: apparently SpaceMonkey's alliance [SMA] has been reset by Goons (ie by CFC). I don't have details on what SMA did, but apparently they pissed Goons off quite a bit and got the reset in kind. In response to the news, NCdot pinged jabber and sent fleets out to "help them evac". Goes to show, even years-loyal CFC members aren't immune. I'll be happy to hear something different from how great the CFC is on a few podcasts though, that is for sure.
Computer: terminate recording.

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