Monday, April 25, 2011

My Return

I've been mostly gone for the last 2 weeks, as you might have noticed. I could spare some time for PI, for chatting, and a post or two, but that was it. After TPOG changed alliances from FA to TNT, and after the move, I found myself completely overwhelmed. I had 3 tests, a wedding, 2 jobs...I've been seriously burnt out for the last 2 weeks.

I suspect things will still be rough for the next 2 weeks, as I've got finals, and the 2 jobs, and perhaps a week of vacation or two. However, I feel I at least have some time to do things.

On my agenda since the move have been some things I've wanted to get off the ground:

1) Armor fleets
...because I'm tired of running in Shield fleets, and pretty much always as a Scimitar. I've learned that in gangs smaller than 20, my Scimitar skills don't typically come into play. I don't want to be reduced to be a guardian though in Armor fleets. With the recent ability to fly Harbingers and Myrmidons with Battlecruiser V (although, not their tech 2 weapon sets), I feel pretty set to embark on some really badass armor fleets.

2) Wormholes
...yes, wormholes. I'm sure everyone who reads this knows I used to live in a wormhole, and that I enjoyed it quite thoroughly.  With the recent Sanctum and Haven nerf, not many options are left for ISK making for many people in 0.0 unless they mine, or compete for Sanctums and Havens. Quite frankly, I feel wormholes will be far more profitable, exciting, intriguing, and less time intensive. I'll be looking to do test runs on Class 3 wormholes, and depending on performance I may or may not up us in difficulty to Class 4, 5, and 6 wormholes.

2) Wormholes
...what?! Yes, because Alliance rules forbid cherrypicking asteroids. While some of us run the combat sites, many others can run the gas clouds, or the asteroid belts. Cherry-picking is not an issue in wormholes, as you have a limited amount of time and mass you can get out, and often too much ore.

3) Incursions
...those were interesting to me I thought. However, having looked at an LP store and seeing pretty much only hardwirings, I question the point of it aside from ISK and a challenge. I feel this is a better option when Wormholes aren't available.

What's the overarching goal of those 3 ideas?
On the surface, yes ISK generation is a core concern. However, hoarding ISK for a rainy day doesn't work well in EVE, and I hope to encourage participants to spend that ISK on tech 3 ships, in such a way that we can run tech 3 fleets. The idea is comparable to the Thundercat fleet, just lacking the outright billions that Pandemic Legion to replace said ships.

My goal is actually a tech 3 armor fleet, fully faction/deadspace/officer fitted. If we're going to make an impact like the Thundercats, we must be on even terms in regards to modules, at the least. I will expand on this in the next post I write.

Moving On:
In addition to the above, I've been managing my own little corp, created in part with a new player. While I hope to use this corp as a recruiting tool, I do have to get new members and actually do things with them, taking time away from the main. Managing both corps across Old Man Reschef, Anjali, and Truen1ght, makes this a bit easier to where I can spend more time on Truen1ght.

I have been accepting trial accounts and helping them out, in the hopes that these new players will skill into something deadly rather quickly, allowing us to go have fun, and possibly get them in 0.0 space inside of a few months.

If you are interested in joining my corp, the name is New Jita Social Club. We mess around, repercussions be damned. While the CEO, Anjali Subranni, does have PI to manage from time to time, there is usually time to go do fun things involving bothering miners and raiding low-sec. If you are not looking to be recruited into my null-sec corp, I won't pressure you, but it's a place to get away from 0.0 space without needing to worry about war-decs.

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