Friday, February 11, 2011

A Week Passes by...

I've heard that the campaign for more Fatal Ascension space goes well. Either last night or today, the final systems and stations are supposed to fall to us. I admit not having really been a part of it all. My time has been...strained...this week.

Even so, I was able to manage a few hours out and about.

I clone jumped out of PNQY into XZH- and podded out to 1-N. When I arrived I found two of the previous hostile campers gone with but one remaining, some guy by the name Ypegae something-or-other. It's cumbersome, and no one cares anyway. I had also discovered on arrival, that the residents, all 5 of them, were hold up in their towers doing a whole lot of nothing.

Without much ado, I contacted the locals without Ypegae noticing, and asked if there was a fleet up so that in case I did manage to get attacked, they could warp in and smash his ship. A few minutes later I got one response, in the form of, "Sorry, I'm semi-afk."


Moving on. I hopped in my Hurricane, let my shields recharge from 40%, then raided the belts. There are about 15-20 plus an ice belt. It took about 20 minutes to raid, clear, and loot anything worthwhile from them. I had been spamming D-scan while out and about smashing Serpentis' ships, but nothing ever attacked, decloaked, or blipped on my D-scan. Unhappy after my short 5 mil ISK run, I switched ships to my 6 month old Jaguar and left system, hold filled to the brim with small ammunition carted in from Empire forever ago.

Having left the system, I made way to XZH-, getting reports of Lady Shaniqua + 5 travelling through friendly space. I believe the space belonged to Wildly Inappropriate, not Fatal Ascension. However, on my way to YI it was determined the pirate gang was 1 jump away from me, and a counter fleet was flying by.

I should have joined.

Ah well, I made my merry way back to XZH-, followed quickly by a shopping stop for an invulnerability field 1 at YI-. I was currently facing a fitting dilemma. It is as follows:

My original fit was like this, minus the nosferatu, tech 2 mods instead of faction, and in the lows: TE 2, nano 2, DCU 2.

Since I was unable to fit the nosferatu, my thoughts were as such: should I fit an invulnerability field to get almost 12,000 ehp, or do I fit a webber, to smash the opponent harder.

Having written about this, and realizing the range of the nosferatu and those of my guns with R.F. Phased Plasma (roughly 7k), I've decided on the Stasis Webifier 2, which will lock my opponents down, allow me to completely dictate range, and beat the living snot out of any frigate sized opponent and likely most cruiser sized ones. I'm not sure I would take this against a Destroyer however, as with my skills even a tech 1 fit should have immense tracking speed and roughly double to triple damage of my jaguar. Granted, it won't have as much tank, but I would suspect said thrasher to be buffer fit in some way, most likely shield buffer as it would allow for gyros and TE's in the lows to accompany the DCU 2.

I'll give it a try in some PvP (if there's any to be found around null-sec), and discuss the results.

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