Thursday, November 18, 2010

Decisions Decisions

After reading some of the other blogs I follow (two in particular (name1, name2)), and agreeing with their analyses, I find myself wondering how EVE will continue to grow, much less keep current players.

Null sec has become super cap city. PvP is relegated for those with a downpayment of almost a year of playtime. Industry is more work than play and still requires at least a month commitment.

It's no wonder I find myself playing Starcraft 2 more than EVE lately. Starcraft is, put simply, more fun, and more challenging. It's not to say that EVE is a bad game, but it could be better.

And so lately I've found myself hardly logging on at all. Is it even fun anymore?

And after a little thinking, and not playing, I find myself realizing this: High Sec no longer interests me at all. Without wardecs, all that's left in high sec is trade, industry, research, mining, and missioning. With the recent Starcraft 2 playtime I've got, I'm finding 1v1 or PvP in general much more fulfilling, useful, and fun,  than PvE.

So, if PvP is what it's going to take, then I have one of two options: 1) Engage in constant low/null roams alone or with buddies 2) join Factional Warfare 3) move to low sec and remain in the current corp 4) change corps to a low-sec or null sec corp.

The way I see it, 4) isn't entirely appetizing simply because of the ditching friends issue. 1) could work, but I feel it will rather quickly lead to 3), which precludes me from taking part in wars that involve high sec without sever ratting to increase my security status, and for 2) to happen, I need to stop training Truen1ght and train Anjali, like I promised.

Since the corp is currently going on low sec roams every week, I think I can hold off long enough to get Anjali trained up to interceptor and have her join Factional Warfare.

I suppose I could hop on Morrdack a bit more, but I don't know, something feels a bit off about it right could just be that Morrdack has been inactive for a good while, but it could also be that when I do hop on, seems like no one else is. It's a bit strange, but I suppose I should expect that from an alt corp.

Good news though, Minmatar Cruiser V is almost done for Truen1ght, and when it is, Anjali trains up, forms a 1 woman corp, and goes to fight the good fight against the Caldari scum by joining the Gallente militia.


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